Janiece Stark


Since 2012, Janiece has been actively involved with DfG. In 2014, she was appointed as leader of the Townsville, Queensland Chapter. Under her leadership, this Chapter has provided over 5,500 Kits to women and girls in need, with YWAM as the primary distributor. Through collaborations with local universities, community groups, and the Women’s Correctional Facility, these kits have been distributed to women and girls in many locations. Janiece was appointed as Chair of the Board of DfGAL in 2023, after joining the board in 2021. 

Janiece has an extensive background in the health industry, performing various roles which have given her a diverse skill set. Her areas of expertise include event planning, process management, documentation, and financial organization, making her an invaluable asset to the team, especially in managing their online presence. Janiece has always been a dedicated volunteer in the community, currently playing an active role in the Qld Country Women’s Association – a group that empowers women to help those in need. Her work in the community recently earned her the prestigious Rotary International’s Paul Harris Fellow Award.