Gloria Buttsworth


In 2012, Gloria reached out to Celeste Mergens to learn about DfG, subsequently co-founding the Newcastle Chapter with some friends. Over time, she transitioned to the NSW Coordinator position, then Country Coordinator, and ultimately became the founding director of DfGAL in 2016. Witnessing DfG’s growth from inception to its exponential expansion across Australia has been a fulfilling journey for her. The increasing number of people responding to the need for sanitary hygiene worldwide led to the growth of T & C and its attainment of company status and tax deductibility. This journey began with the noble intention of sewing kits for a friend in Uganda. Gloria’s tireless efforts to establish DfG in Australia were recognized by Rotary International, and she was awarded the Paul Harris Fellow Award. With a wealth of experience in administration across various fields, including radio, schools, community care, and nonprofit organizations, Gloria hails from a farming background.