Advocacy Volunteer

The DfG Advocacy Program envisions a world where periods are never a problem. In order to make this vision into a reality, we focus on four main outcomes. These are:

  • The growth of the menstrual health field in terms of academia, research, and evidence.
  • The creation of policy environments that support menstruators to manage their periods with dignity.
  • The integration of menstrual health programming across different development sectors.
  • An increase in the number of influencers who champion menstrual health as a cause.

As a volunteer, you can play an important role in advancing these outcomes by working with the DfGI team to identify opportunities where your unique skill set can make a difference. This may look like:

  • volunteering on a specific project in your community that you have identified, 
  • working with our team on a DfG project such  as a research initiative, or 
  • helping us manage ongoing advocacy activities. 

Either way, we will work with you to identify a clear volunteer project and/or role. As an advocacy volunteer, you will also have the opportunity to participate in three advocacy training sessions a year. During these sessions, you will hear the latest news about the global menstrual health landscape and gain tangible advocacy skills and tools. This will also be a platform where volunteers can share their advocacy experiences, progress, and challenges so that we can learn from one another and build connections.


Next Steps to Volunteer with DfGI

To get started, please send an email to with a copy of your resume and answers to the following questions:

  1. Why are you interested in volunteering with DfG advocacy? Are there any particular areas of interest or experience that you have?
  2. What skills do you have that will contribute to the advocacy work? 
  3. Are you interested in volunteering for a distinct project with a clear start and end date, or an ongoing volunteer role?
  4. About how many hours per week are you available to spend on volunteer related work with DfG?
  5. Where are you located?

Next Steps to Volunteer on an  Advocacy Project Your Community

To get started, please send an email to with  answers to the following questions:

  1. What project have you identified that can help advance the Menstrual Health needs of those in your community or country?
  2. What is the timeline for this project or is it organically growing? 
  3. Why are you interested in this project?
  4. How can DfGI support you to be successful with this project? 

We look forward to partnering with you!