FUNdraising Basics


When you fundraise for Days for Girls, you are helping to give women and girls a brighter future. You’re giving them days of education, work, health, safety and dignity.

There are many ways you can fundraise. It’s easy and FUN! We’re here to help you with creative ideas, resources and fundraising tips. So, grab your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors and professional contacts and let’s help girls around the globe.


First and foremost, your supporters will want to know why you are doing this! Why did you decide to raise funds and sew Kits for DfG? What about Days for Girls inspires you? Share your individual stories with your family, friends, and network as a compelling way to inspire them to donate!



You can post your online fundraiser to your Facebook page and also Tweet updates to all of your followers. Some people may forget to check your fundraising site every day, but they don’t forget to check Facebook and Twitter. Ask your friends to “Share” your cause on Facebook to gain additional support. Post DfG photos on Pinterest for a larger reach.



Don’t be afraid to move beyond the web with your FUNdraising. Make posters for your local  Starbucks, post an announcement in your church  bulletin, let co-workers know what you’re  up to with a sign in your breakroom, group text your friends from the soccer team! The ways  in which you can share your work are endless. So don’t be afraid to get out there ~ go get ‘em!


Your grandma? Your boss? Your old high school teacher? Your sewing group? Your book club? Ask anyone that could easily turn into a supporter!


Did you know that you can quickly and easily post a video from YouTube and share the link  to your network? 

This is a great way to have face-to-face interaction with your supporters. 

This is an extremely effective tool ~  everyone enjoys a good video update. 

Grab your cell phone camera and get going!



Remember that old saying that a picture says a thousand words? 

It’s true. Photos are a great way to connect people to what you’re doing, both before and during your event. Be creative and have some fun with it. 

Don’t be afraid to be adventurous.



Your Facebook posts and Crowdrise page have places for your supporters to leave a comment. Take a few seconds to reply back. It only takes a moment and it lets them know that you are listening and willing to interact.



It’s amazing how such a little phrase can mean so much to people. Be genuine and intentional with your gratitude and it will pay off. Make sure your supporters know that you care.

What a difference YOU can make!

Fundraising Ideas to Help You Get Started

April and Rachael, a dynamic mother-daughter duo, has helped to raise over $7,000  for Days for Girls by hosting a "Dessert for Days" event. Rachael and 10 other preteen girls who are a part of the Girls Who Care Club in Edmonds, WA, decided to organize a dessert auction with just a little guidance from their Moms. The girls secured sponsors to underwrite the event, as well as desserts from local bakeries that were actioned off. The girls also put together individual centerpieces for tables that were bid on, and sold nearly 200 tickets to friends, family and neighbors. Together, the girls raised enough money to help girls both locally and globally with their feminine hygiene needs, keeping them in school. These girls proved that changing the world can be a piece of cake.​

Nicole her friend Anna love music, so they held a benefit concert for Days for Girls in Portland, OR at the World Forestry Center. Nicole explains, "We had food donated to us by local restaurant Noho's Hawaiian Cafe, including a whole pig. We also had music by two up and coming country artists, Merritt Whitley and local artist Carrie Cunningham. Katie P., Days for Girls Portland Chapter President, shared of the work done by this amazing organization, and we collected many donations as a result. To raise extra money for the organization, we held a raffle that included prizes from a sponsored Game Night to a trip for two to Hawaii. We had a party of over 200 people who came to the event, and they enjoyed every part. With the admission, raffles, and of course donations all being donated to the cause, we raised over $12,000! We couldn't be more thankful for all who helped make this possible." Amazing, Nicole and Anna! Thank you so much for your incredible efforts.

Carol and Jennifer had their friends sip their way to changing lives. Last February the Snoqualmie Chapter of DfG hosted a fundraiser event at Matthews Winery on Woodinville. It was easy to set up and everyone had a great time. The event was a huge success with over $10,000 raised. They had a DfG volunteer speak on what DfG is all about, how it started and how we are moving forward for women and girls in Swaziland and throughout the world. Carol spoke to what their DfG chapter has accomplished in Swaziland, Africa and what their plans are to possibly start an enterprise and make all programs in Swaziland self-sustaining. It was such a success that another event has been booked for February of 2017 to change even more lives.

April and her team partnered with local yoga studios to host several "Flow and Glow" classes, in the dark, with black lights and glow paint. Attendees got to class a few minutes early and painted themselves and their friends. All proceeds went to Days for Girls. People had a blast: the event looked great, and everyone had a great time! April also had local businesses donate snacks for after the event, which were a wonderful way to end the day.

Jen and Jacqualee are the queens of the Maxi-Pad Caper Party. Jen tells friends to come prepared to write checks and have fun. Her last event in Seattle was a huge success with over $7,000 raised. "I'm so lucky to know such a fabulous group of women. Project Feast, a nonprofit that trains refugee women in culinary skills, catered for our party. We kept it simple and fun. The delicious cookies and bars were a donation from Cookie Carts, Peggy Orse's small Queen Anne business. And a small bunch of flowers that was donated by the check out guy at Trader Joe's who just liked our cause! Together, we raised nearly $7,000 for programs that will empower girls and women through Days for Girls in Malawi."  Fun touch: They projected a slideshow photos of retro period ads on a wall, sprinkled with plenty of period puns. This year's party theme? Go with the Flow. 

Jamie and her friends hosted a "Dine Out for Days" fundraiser last October. They asked a local restaurant, the Taki Tiki, to donate 10% of their proceeds for the evening. Invites were sent out via word of mouth and social media and many showed up to support DfG. It was a great evening with good friends and good food for a good cause. They made a little over $250, with proceeds going directly to HEED Uganda to support DfG Ambassador of Women's Health training. This fundraiser was simple, yet had great impact. Bravo, Jamie!


Gabi D. of DfG Sault Ste Marie, Canada shares: "I recently turned 60 and my daughters threw me a nice party in celebration of this and being cancer-free 10 years. In lieu of gifts, they asked guests to donate to one of three causes, the primary one being DFG (the other 2 were local animal shelters and Wounded Warrior/Tough Mudder). Haven't done the final tally yet, but it looks to be over $400. This is a pic of the donation box. They did not do it for the tax receipt; it will be a nice surprise for them at the end of the year. Win-win-win-win.


Other ideas that team members and supporters have successfully implemented include: donating a birthday, Bat Mitzvah, or other celebration to Days for Girls, and having a themed holiday party for Days for Girls, and giving donations in lieu of gifts.


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