Postpartum bleeding + FAME Africa

Over the years, Days for Girls has learned that our DfG Heavy Flow Kit works not only to help women and girls manage their menstruation, but is also a wonderful answer to help women also manage the bleeding they have after childbirth (lochia) that can be very heavy and generally lasts about six weeks and sometimes even longer. Knowing this sparked an idea with one of our amazing supporters and volunteers, Alexa Renehan. She also supports the work of the rural hospital, FAME Africa, that is located on a hilltop in northern Tanzania. Alexa knew they were just opening up a maternal care center there and thought the new mothers could benefit from a DfG washable pad. She introduced the DfG Afri

Important Updates to Menstrual Charting Calendar

It was the Peruvian women of the Cloud Forest who showed us clearly: the menstrual charting calendar needed to be revised. The Quechuan nurses aced the Ambassador of Women's Health Training in just one day and said afterward, "The part that we didn't know is that we can have fun teaching this." The next day they had the women engaged, and yes, laughing. It was impressive. Menstrual chart instruction was next. The nurses opted to instruct about them in calendar months mode, though it is just as valid, and perhaps even more effective to use it without reference to months. I was surprised at that choice. The women said, "Oh. We can't do that. But when our husbands come back from giving tours we

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