Changing Their Lives, Changing Our Own

I’ve been involved with Days for Girls for just over a year — and it’s completely changed my life. Last year, a friend and I wanted to start a monthly service club to help different organizations around us. I had heard about Days for Girls through my parents, who had taken DfG Kits to Kenya for distribution, and suggested we pitch in to help make kits. Before we knew it, we had decided to form our own Days for Girls Team, and began looking for office space we could use. I met with Scott Larsen, owner and CEO of Larsen Electric, to explain how helpful it would be if our DfG Centerville, UT Team could use the lower level of his office building. I had just talked to this man all about menstruat

Our Sustainable Solution

If you're like me, you feel overwhelmed when you see images of trash piling up around our world — the plastic in our oceans, the damage to our atmosphere. Every April 22, Earth Day urges us to reflect on our relationship with our planet. But what about the other 364 days fo the year? As human beings, what can we do to care for our planet? As one person, what can I do? I often ask myself if the products I use, especially the ones marketed to me as a woman, are environmentally-friendly. The answer? Not always — especially when it comes to menstrual products. Many disposable pads and tampons contain toxic chemicals; their materials, including plastic packaging and applicators, take centuries to

Friends in High School Places

While it’s normal to hear girls in American high schools complaining to each other about menstrual cramps or trying to sneak tampons into the bathroom without catching anyone’s eye, many of us can’t imagine the desperate challenges millions of women and girls around the world face every month. Two and a half years ago, during a Sidwell Friends School meeting on female empowerment, we heard a podcast about one girl’s monthly struggle — and we realized how privileged our 15-year-old perspective had been. The Nepalese girl was only 12 years old, living in poverty and struggling to take care of herself and her family. She wanted to continue her education, but her own body kept impeding he

Can Menstrual Pads Fix Prejudice?

We submitted this letter to The New York Times in response to an opinion piece that ran in its Sunday Review section on April 1. TO THE EDITOR: In “Menstrual Pads Can’t Fix Prejudice,” by Chris Bobel (Sunday Review, April 1), the author is correct that handing out pads or making them more affordable is an incomplete solution. But her concerns that menstrual activism will be reduced to “better living through consumption” underestimates the benefits of consumption: more access to safe, reliable products leads to more girls staying in school, greater economic growth, and healthier families and communities. Prof. Bobel also glosses over significant efforts to fight menstrual stigmas, in conjun

Turning a Moment Into a Movement

Thomas Edison embraced the disappointments and stumbles that led to his invention of the light bulb, reportedly saying, “I have not failed, I've just found 700 ways that won't work.” When it comes to menstrual care, our world has also found hundreds of ways to fail. Too many products have failed to consider cultural, environmental, and economic contexts. But worst of all, communities stayed silent as women and girls were taught to feel ashamed and afraid of a natural bodily function. With your help, Days for Girls has made amazing progress. Not only have we developed beautiful, affordable, and sustainable pads that restore days of dignity, health, and opportunity — but our educational materi

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