Reaching for the Next Level

DfG Pod - "starter" pack sold by Micro-Enterprises Living in a conflict, or post-conflict situation, means life can change in the blink of an eye, and "solutions" can feel fleeting, insecure, or like bandaids to the real problems going on. At Days for Girls, we can't solve every challenge faced by Syrian refugees today (we wish we could!) - but there is one problem we can help to solve: access to basic hygiene for women and girls. GlobalGiving has provided the opportunity to learn more about the menstrual hygiene and women's health needs faced by Syrian refugees, mostly in Lebanon, and to distribute DfG Kits and education in specific areas. Now, the GlobalGiving community is helping us take

The Data is In...And It's Good.

DfG recently received results back from surveys conducted with schools in Nepal and Kenya. The results are very positive: DfG Kits are helping to keep girls in school, and even in urban areas where disposables are more available, girls are still very satisfied with using washable pads. The full summary is available here.

She's Counting on You... Are You In?

I am a big believer in dreams. But I must admit, I never imagined I would be traveling around the world talking about menstruation at the age of 55. I dreamed instead of playing with my grandchildren, or maybe writing a book, or even having time to read a book! But that was before I stumbled upon this need in 2008. As someone who grew up without many resources, I was working to ensure that others had the food and shelter they so deserved. But I hadn’t thought about menstrual hygiene, or what truly happens when girls go without. You see, when we first distributed pads to girls at the orphanage in Nairobi, we knew that pads would help the girls go to class. But it wasn’t until the girl

Updates from India: The Importance of Combatting Shame Around Menstruation

In a tragic incident late this week, a young girl in South India committed suicide shortly after being publicly humiliated by her teacher. Her teacher made her exit the classroom and stand outside in the hallway after noticing a blood stain on her clothes. Globally, women and girls continue to face stigma, taboo, and cultural beliefs that shame and embarrass them for menstruating. In parts of India, they are often seen as “impure” and cultural beliefs can keep women and girls out of the kitchen, temples, and schools while they menstruate. Our hearts break for this young girl and for her family. We believe that all women and girls are powerful, and that menstruation is something that should b

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