How One Girl Can Make a Difference

Everyone, meet Reagan. This lovely young lady is running and managing a company called Mary Belle Beads. She donates all of her profits each month to Days for Girls- and we are so thankful for all of her hard work and dedication. For only being 17 years old, this girl is moving mountains! Reagan's proud mother, Michelle, has a few words to say about her daughter: "Her small business has really grown and I think she has sent close to $1000 to DfG at this point! She has her bracelets in two stores and is currently being introduced as a new artist in Boone NC! She has learned so much from this endeavor, wholesale, retail, marketing, advertising, branding, labor, cost, ordering supplies and bead

Days for Girls Goes to Laos!

25th July 2016 In June this year, myself and a team of 9 other nursing students, as well as two registered nurses traveled to Laos to set up health clinics in local communities of the Seung Valley as a part of our studies at university. At these clinics we provided health education and promotion, conducted health assessments and distributed medications. We assessed, diagnosed and treated approximately 100 patients each day and as a part of our work we were able to hand out Days for Girls kits to girls and young women. This was a fantastic addition to our trip and made a real impact in terms of the healthcare we were able to offer. As we were packing our bags of supplies to take with us to ea

Striving for Every Girl. Everywhere. Period.

With over 600 Chapters and Teams, 167 emerging Micro-Enterprises, 3 Centers, and 100+ countries reached, it’s fair to say that we have a lot of diversity here at Days for Girls! But we are all exactly the same in one respect: our drive to reach Every Girl. Everywhere. Period. We know it might sound like an insurmountable goal, but anyone who is part of Days for Girls knows that the dignity of girls and women to understand their bodies and choose products they trust and love is worth fighting for! That’s what keeps us bent over sewing machines for hours on end. It’s what keeps us clipping coupons looking for the best fabric deals. It’s what keeps us on our emails coordinating last minute det

Great Reads for Girls and Women That Talk Periods.

When I was younger, my mother gave me a few books that explained the female body and menstruation in order to help me better understand my body. I am forever grateful for those books. I was able to learn from the women in these books that everything our bodies do is normal, and makes us who we are. I was taught from these books to embrace my period, embrace my body, and not let the world treat me any different just for being a female. I truly believe that all young girls and women should read a book or two like this in their lifetime. Below is a list of my five personal favorites: 1) Don't Cramp My Style: Stories About "That" Time of the Month by Lisa Fraustino ($15) - This book is by

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