Meet Our Team
Days for Girls is a dynamic grassroots network of thousands of volunteers worldwide on 6 continents empowering girls, women and communities to find sustainable menstrual health solutions. An amazing global team (far too many to name here) makes this all happen. Here are a few of them that you may hear from most often:
DfGI International
Celeste Mergens – Executive Director and Founder
Celeste has decades of experience in nonprofit organizational leadership, with emphasis on international relations and sustainable community development. She is known for her ability to build teams and empower collaborations. She is a moving speaker and her passion for sustainable global empowerment and girls and women is contagious. She founded Days for Girls International (DfGI) in November 2008, though if you ask her she would say that she is the "really good listener" who is privileged to do this work while serving alongside amazing supporters of Days for Girls. She is continually grateful to be part of such a direct and effective key to empowering people and communities.

​Leah Spelman – Development Officer
​Leah came to Days for Girls with a strong background in women's issues, most recently working in Jordan on women's political participation under a Fulbright Grant. With strong organizational, communication and networking abilities and a passion for women’s issues, she could not be a better fit for DfGI. As professional as she is cheerful, she is a delight to work with and we are truly grateful to have her on the team.

​Jacquie Scott – International  Distribution Director​
Meet Jacquie. Thousands of kits are requested annually, and this talented woman manages the details  She is as fun and enthusiastic as she is meticulous, a combination that makes her a perfect point of contact for those seeking kits for girls and women worldwide. It's a tough job, and Jacquie's got it well handled. She does all of this as a volunteer, while running her own award-winning kitchen design business. Lucky us to have Jacquie on the team!

Karen Rubin – Social Media and Events​
We love Karen's wisdom and passion for Days for Girls. Ask anyone who knows her, and they will attest, she makes a difference everywhere she goes. Just look at our Social Media and you will agree that she is a Social Media genius. No, you can't swipe her from us. She's a DfG treasure!

​Shannon Paterson – International Chapter Liaison​
Shannon is the woman who helps chapters access the informational resources they need to meet their goals. She lets new Chapters know where to get started. She focuses on connecting, informing, answering questions and counseling to help the amazing teams and chapter directors of Days for Girls reach more girls and women around the globe. Hers is an important role and she is a strong, capable and kind woman who is equal to the task. She is Co-Director of Whidbey Island Chapter of Days for Girls.  In her professional career, she is a Continuous Improvement Specialist with a Masters of Arts in Organizational Leadership and a Masters in Business Administration.  She's been with her current employer for over 17 years. ​
Jan Bode – Sewing Specialist​ - This woman is a force for quality assurance so kits last well for girls.
​Jan, our version of the Energizer Bunny,  uses her wealth of sewing knowledge and organizational knowledge to answer any and all questions related to sewing kit compenents.  She single-handedly trains more sewists than any other individual in the world. Her DfG how-to videos and instructions are clear and priceless. She takes her "show" on the road too, reaching out to volunteers wherever she can to help make more kits for more girls possible. ​
Lora Moren - Office Manager and our Material Girl, and with DfG, that is a huge undertaking on both counts. From coordinating volunteers, handling financial records to knowing where everyone is (there are a whole lot of volunteers with DfG, imagine!) To sending off PUL, drawstring and more, Lora is the heart of the headquarters. She builds connections and discovers options for purchase values and vital parternships so that every dollar donated can stretch as far as possible to reach more girls and women. She single handedly coordinates ongoing purchase and distribution of PUL while managing to direct a Chapter as well. When you call in to the office T - Thursday, ask for Lora and say hi and that you heard she was a hero. She is!
Jennifer Talbot – Material Resources Director​
Jennifer is our the woman who unpacks, ooh's and ahh's over volunteer kit components sent into DfG headquarters. She records incoming kit components and shares them on Facebook-- A truly vital role as that is one of the few ways we get to acknowledge the amazing contributions of volunteers. She also serves as our Pinterest Queen. Jennifer and her fearless sidekick Grayson.

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Board of Directors
​Andrea Leebron-Clay – President​
Andy is the co-owner of Clay Management and the current President of Goddard College Board of Trustees. A sought-after board trainer and nonprofit advocate, she is also the Director of Clay for Earth Productions, to name only a few of her important civic contributions.  She has a master’s degree in nursing and brings that medical knowledge to our team as well. ​

​Jaqueline Scott – Vice President​
Jacquie owns Legacy Kitchen Design and brings her trademark attention to detail to our team. She also holds the important position of International Distribution Director for DfGI.

​Janine Keblish​
Janine is a public relations specialist who was at the very first Days for Girls expedition, and who has been a vital member of our team ever since. From helping us break the Guinness World Record in "most pairs of underwear worn at one time", to building important community connections, this former Ford Model has a heart for DfGI and serving children worldwide. Janine reminds us of her motto "Love Wins," through both word and practice.​

Advisory Board
​Dr. Sybillann Williams, MD
Sam is an OBGyn surgeon in Chicago, IL and our Chapter Director there. Originally from South Africa, her passion to improve the lives of women extends from her medical clinic to global women’s activism, including her important role with DfGI. She is a priceless medical expert and treasured member of our team.

​Christy Boyer Spencer
Christy brings years of experience in menstrual health management to the team, having traveled the world to develop solutions for communities facing these issues. Her years with LDS Humanitarian Services, an enormous global force, has given her vast on-the-ground experience and a passion for sustainable change.  We are honored to have her on our team.

​Eva Shaw
Eva is a best-selling author and ghost writer, artist and co-owner of Writeriffic Publishing.  She lives in Sunny San Diego, CA. Eva brings publicity and networking expertise to the team and creates many ongoing opportunities for Days for Girls International.